Beating the Odds: Which Casino Game(s) Have the Best Odds?

Did you know that the odds of winning a Russian Roulette game can be almost 50/50? And that table games such as Blackjack offer an advantage that far surpasses the payout from slot machines?

Well now you do!

It can be hard to choose the best and most profitable casino game. Especially with hundreds of casinos worldwide, and online casino games so accessible. But it doesn’t have to be.

Without a doubt, there are some games that give you an opportunity to win some real money. So wouldn’t you like to play the ones that offer the best odds?

Whether you’re at one of the best casinos Las Vegas has to offer or playing from the comforts of home, this guide will lead you to the games that have big payoffs.

Let’s win some money!

1. Blackjack

Without a doubt, Blackjack offers players some of the best winning odds at the casino. But, it doesn’t come without some serious practicing.

When you’re playing against the house, there’s room to win big. The house edge is as small as can be in this casino game, sitting at 1%. With consistent play and practice, there’s even opportunity to lower that number.

A slot machine’s house edge can see up to 17%.

Is that extra 16% chance of losing worth it? Not when there are Blackjack tables around. Blackjack moves beyond the stroke of luck and forces people to play a real, though-out hand of cards.

The goal of Blackjack is to get as close to 21 in your hand without going over. That’s all. So if you can predict what the next few cards may be, you’ll know whether to keep betting or to let a sleeping dog lie.

What does card counting entail?

Pretty much what it sounds like. Being able to predict what cards will come next gives a clear advantage to the player. They’ll know whether they or the dealer have the best advantage at that time.

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Need an online Blackjack strategy? You’re in luck. The Internet is rife with Blackjack strategies; just don’t get caught using them.

2. Craps

Craps isn’t as bad as it sounds. In fact, the odds of winning can be as good as 50%.

This is a game of dice and luck. Roll a 7 or an 11, and you’ll find yourself walking away with a lot of money.

What is “craps” in the game? Craps is the equivalent of rolling a 2, 3, or 12. We can assume that those numbers show up more often than a 7 and an 11.

But, most casinos will take steps to ensure that each side of the dice is weighted in a way to make them all equal.

There are some skeptical methods which suggest you can control your roll with certain strategies. But it’s safe to say that what you roll is almost as random as it gets.

I mean, who can compensate for air, position, and strength of roll? If you want to spend your time perfecting anything, save it for the Blackjack strategies.

3. Russian Roulette

This game entails betting on where you think a ball will land. You can bet based off of color (red or black) or number (1-36).

The 0 and 00 numbers on the Roulette wheel are what you’re playing against here. Those are what give the house their advantage.

Even still, Russian Roulette is won at higher odds than some other casino games.

Betters can choose one number or many at a time.

The more numbers under your betting belt, the higher your chances of landing on those numbers. More numbers equals getting a bigger payoff if you win.

If you play on one number and win, your payout is 1 to 35. This increases the more numbers you choose to bet on.

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If you choose based on color alone, your odds of winning can be 50/50!

This is what makes Russian Roulette so enticing.

4. Baccarat

Baccarat, like Blackjack, leaves much opportunity for winning. But, unlike Blackjack, there is no skill involved. Baccarat remains a luck-driven game at its center.

Your number to focus on here is 9. Like Blackjack, you don’t want to go over this number.

For the best odds, we recommend betting on the Player’s hand or the Dealer’s hand over a Tie. In fact, it’s recommended that if you’re in a place of indecision, betting on the Dealer is better. After all, it’s that house advantage.

5. Slot Machines

These guys may take the majority of your money in a streak of bad luck. But, there’s still a chance to win big without having to try too hard. A simple fortunate pull could bring in some serious cash.

Slots is a game of luck and luck alone. You’ll have the best chance at winning if you play the most rows possible. Of course, that means you’ll lose big if that’s the way things go.

Proceed with caution.

Which Casino Game Is Right for You?

That depends on what you’re willing to do to win.

There are strategies available to improve your game. These increase your chances, especially compared to your average novice. There are many ways to increase your odds: counting cards; gaining familiarity with a card deck.

So, you wanna win big?

Then you may need to start practicing at home first. There are many tools available to teach strategy, but they take effort and practice. Use them!

Do you want impress all your friends with a fat wad of cash or coins? Then you need to pick a casino game worth playing. Otherwise, you risk going home empty-handed, or worse.

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