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The Best (and Worst) Casino Strategy Tips You Need to Know

No matter what you play at the casino, the games are based on chance. This fact discourages people from gambling or makes players constantly lose. But this mindset alone sets you to fail.

But there’s a reason why many players always turn out lucky. There are ways you can increase your chances of winning. And yes, some strategies are perfectly legal.

Experienced players use certain strategies to increase their chance of winning, even when they’re losing.

If you need a new casino strategy, these strategies will increase your chances of winning. And there’s also a couple of strategies that are destined to fail.

Let’s dive right in!

Never Play Blackjack

This isn’t much of a strategy, but rather a good reminder. Unless you’re playing blackjack with a few friends, never play blackjack at a casino. You can bring some skills, but you have a higher chance of losing than any other casino game.

Compared to other casino games, blackjack winning strategies are limited. Therefore, you solely rely on chance.

However, this advice only applies to standard blackjack. Other variations, such as Spanish 21, offer more leeway for winning strategies.

Stick to Tournaments

Are card games more your thing than the slots? Stick to tournaments. If you’ve never played in a tournament, know the prizes and chances of winning are higher.

Compared to the standard “slide in a seat at a casino” card game, you can easily use your strategies in a tournament.

Rather than use your money to bet, you pay a flat fee to enter a tournament. When you bet at a casino, your best bet is gaining back the amount you betted. But in a tournament, you can easily gain way more than what you paid.

Play One-On-One With the Dealer

Let’s say you go to a poker table on a slow day and you’re the only one at the table.

Casinos don’t like someone sitting alone. If no one wants to play, the dealer will play. When you play with the dealer, you can better utilize certain casino strategies such as counting cards.

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Most casino-goers don’t know this trick because they only play during busy hours.

Play Two of Three Outside Bets at Once in Roulette

Roulette is one of the highest risk games at a casino. But there are still strategies you can use.

Your only choice is betting on single numbers. This is why many players bet on single numbers inside. When you bet all six of your numbers on the inside, your chances of winning are slim.

For a sure winning chance, bet on outside numbers; whether you choose black or red or odd or even, outside numbers are safest. Out of the six you can choose, select two or three outside numbers for your bet.

Only Play Max Lines at the Slots

Would you rather just play the penny slots? Most casino players prefer these games because of their low risk. But there’s a slim chance of winning — and if you do win, it isn’t much.

To increase your chances of winning, more casinos are adding penny slot machines with more lines. Compared to cards, your chances of winning are minimal. But the max lines give you more winning opportunities.

Keno Has the Best Chance of Winning

If you’re a casino connoisseur, your eyes are probably bulging. Keno is usually at the bottom of the list. But there’s a reason why you should play keno.

Most players don’t use a strategy when playing keno, and they choose the high pick options.

Rather, choose the low pick options. You have a higher chance of winning a Pick 3 game than a Pick 10 game. With keno, don’t focus on the big wins. Rather, focus on the realistic ones.

Don’t Pass in Craps and Lay Odds

There’s a reason why it’s called craps. It’s one of the most difficult games in the world.

But here’s the classic rule of thumb: if you pass, take the odds. If you don’t pass, lay the odds. But here’s an unknown strategy: don’t lay the odds when you pass.

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Passing and taking the odds is your best bet of winning. But when you don’t pass, you can still win if you take the odds.

Use a 17-Second Delay Between Spins

Most players spin constantly to avoid losing money. But when you use a 17-second delay, it will mathematically benefit you. It’s the way the algorithms work.

This is debatable, but the slot machine runs on a pattern. The pattern runs on the spinning wheels that drop each chip.

When you wait 17 seconds between spins, this disrupts the pattern. It’s not a guaranteed chance of winning, but you’ll at least break the pattern designed to make you lose.

The Worst Strategies

Of course, there are a bunch of wives tales that many players believe. Here are some of the worst casino strategies

and why they don’t work.

The Monte Carlo Fallacy

The Monte Carlo Fallacy is mainly found in roulette, but the basics can be applied to any game. If similar colors or numbers have previously won, players will bet on the opposite options. For example, if black wins then red must win next.

In this instance, there’s no reason why black wins more than red. It’s purely by coincidence.

Gambler’s Ruin

This is what happens when a player gets lucky and then becomes unlucky.

Say a player wins and earns a lot of money. Rather than walk away with their prize, they see how much more they can win.

They place a higher bet and end up losing a large portion of their prize. If you win a large prize, just keep it instead of betting again.

Use These Casino Strategy Tips

There’s no chance you’ll win at any casino game.

But using a casino strategy will help increase your chances of winning. Whether you prefer the slots or roulette, there are strategies for all casino games. Understand your risks and your bets, and have fun.

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