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How to Win Scratch Offs: 5 Tips from the Pros

No one really thinks of scratch offs as really being gambling, but, they are and they are a cheap and easy way to win quick cash. They are also seen as a game of pure unadulterated luck.

Given this, a lot of people push all of their luck onto them. Here are 5 ways on how to win scratch offs and win big.

1. Intelligent Buying

The number of scratch-off tickets available these days are nuts, and it can be fairly overwhelming. There are many different colors, designs, prizes, and brands. It’s easy for anyone to get confused, especially if they’re a newbie.

It’s really tempting to buy a bunch of cheap scratch-off tickets, but they’re cheap for a reason. One’s odds of winning with one are dangerously low compared to the more expensive brands.

Due to the low prize pool of the cheaper brands, one would be way better off buying higher priced scratch cards but in less quantity.

someone may feel like your odds are lower, due to having lesser cards, but it should be fine due to the higher prize pool.

Once someone has a certain card brand that they buy and certain numbers that they like to play, it’s a good idea to stick to them.

2. Stick To What’s Comfortable

If one has special numbers they like, perhaps it’s a relative’s birthday, an anniversary, or just some numbers from a fortune cookie that they really like. Either way, it’s perfectly acceptable to use them.

Use these numbers once a week for the best results. No one wants to see their numbers get picked on a week that they forget to play. That would be the worst, and they would spend their whole week kicking themselves.

One can also not play often but buy more tickets when they do play. It will increase their luck for that draw only though but if they use this method when the jackpot is particularly high, they may actually have a good chance.

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Buying in bulk is actually a key way of how to win scratch-offs.

3. Buy In Bulk

We know we buying a large number of expensive cards is a bad idea, and it is if one is trying to be frugal or just doesn’t want to spend a lot on a gamble.

If one buys 4-5 scratch offs rather than just buy one and go to the store periodically, they will actually increase their chances buy quite a bit.

A manufacturer will often place a winning frequency throughout their cards if someone buys a bunch of cards at once, the odds of falling into the win frequency will double.

One’s chances will be better than going to the store in staccato trips. The same thing goes if you pay attention. If someone sees a customer buy three tickets in a row, then they should go behind them and buy a few themselves. That customer’s loss could easily be another one’s gain.

Sticking around and listening out is a way that experienced slot players win at casinos. This method can help with winning at scratch-offs as well.

4. Play Them Like The Slots

Movies have painted a clear picture of what it’s like to play the slots at a casino. One can use these same methods seen in those motion pictures to win scratch-offs.

We won’t lie, this method will seem a little creepy and slightly stalkerish but it can actually work. Experienced slots players will linger around the casino and wait to play until they notice the other players go through a dry spell. This means that the jackpot isn’t far behind.

The same method can help with winning a scratch-off jackpot. Remember when we said to listen around and try and notice when another player is buying tickets? This is what we mean by treating it like the slots.

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It can be uncomfortable just sitting around and waiting. Instead of staying uncomfortable, walk over to the cashier and ask if anyone has one big in a few days. Like the slots, if the answer is no, that means that a big jackpot is coming up fairly soon. If the answer is yes, it might be a good idea to hold off for a couple of days.

Playing them like the slots is the biggest way of how to win scratch-offs.

Our last tip won’t help someone win more frequently, but it will help one win a huge prize when they do win.

5. Play Numbers Over 31 Or Use Quick Picks

Play numbers over 31 or use quick picks. This is a method that a lot of seasoned players use. It won’t help someone win, but it will help someone win big when they do win.

Studies have shown that most people play numbers that are associated with a random day of the month. If one chooses a number that is over 31 or uses a quick pick they are most likely to split the prize with another individual.

We know we said that it’s okay to play numbers based on a day of the month, and it is if that’s what a person is comfortable with. They might win eventually with those numbers, it will just make winning hard when it’s actually pretty easy.

6. How To Win Scratch Offs

Scratch-offs can be a cheap and easy way to win not only quick money but big money and these five tips are the easiest way of how to win scratch offs. Use intelligent buying, play them like the slots, buy and bulk, and for big money, play numbers over 31 or use quick picks.

When one wants to win quick money, gambling a little can sometimes be the answer. For more gambling methods, visit our blog for answers.

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