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5 Must-Know Tips for Finding the Best Online Gambling Sites

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Gambling is an inherent human trait. It goes back at least as far as ancient Rome when the gathered masses would bet on the gladiators. Just as a gladiator’s misstep could end in death, approaching online gambling carelessly can also lead to ruin.

The key to protecting yourself is to find the best place to play. But how to find a good site for over a thousand?

Here are some tips for finding the best.

1. Up for Review

By far the best way to find legit online gambling sites are reviews. There are dedicated game review sites like CasinoQuo and Gmblsites. You can filter the results based on what you’re looking for and find ratings for every listed game. You can also search informative gaming sites for their lists of online casinos.

Because of the personal and subjective nature of game preference, it’s not a bad idea to follow the subreddit for gambling. As long as the review sounds like it was written by a human, you should be okay to proceed with your own due diligence.

2. You Be the Judge

Don’t just start funneling your money into a site without checking it out. An easy first step is just to see if the site is using a secure https domain. Most good sites will have a profile on Facebook or Twitter. Check for payment security certificates and contact information, including a listed physical address. An FAQ section is a bonus!

3. States with a Stake in Online Gambling

Presently, there are 3 U.S. states with legal online gambling representation: Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey. New Jersey’s presence is particularly robust as part of an effort to revitalize Atlantic City’s economy. While you don’t have to be a resident to play, you do have to be physically present in the state.

The qualification process for the brick-and-mortar casinos is extensive and expensive. There are taxes, renewal payments, even annual fees, so you can trust that they’re doing things right.

4. To Thine Own Self Be True

Once you’ve jumped through all the vetting hoops, finding the best online gambling for real money comes down to figuring out what you like. You might prefer websites or downloaded software. You might prefer apps so you can play anywhere, anytime.

As far as gameplay, online casino offerings are similar to what you’d find in-house. There’s no shortage of slots, video poker, and other card games, even sports betting in certain markets.

5. Maximize Your Potential

You can’t get the all-you-can-eat shrimp online, but you will get a deposit bonus just for signing up. From there you’ll find a constant stream of bonuses and prizes as online casinos try to outdo each other. There are bonus codes for everything you can think of, from free spins to free cash. Click here if you want to see more.

Are You Ready to Go Find Your Favorite Slots Theme?

Are you in the mood for an Egyptian adventure or more of an Irish vibe? Maybe classic fruit slots are more your speed. Now that you know how to find the best sites for online gambling, the rest is about honing your strategy. Browse our gaming guides for help with that.

Go make some money!