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No Snake Eyes Here: How to Develop a Winning Online Craps Strategy

If you want to play an online casino game that perfectly mixes strategy and chance, choose craps! This game offers a sense of community (unless you bet with the house) and fast-paced excitement with every roll of the dice.

Plus, it gives you some of the best odds to beat the house, if you understand the game. Before jumping on the table, you should prepare a craps strategy, to avoid the sucker bets and multiply your money. You must master probability to win at this game.

Understanding Probability

Before getting into winning craps strategies, let’s talk about two dice probability. Nearly every decision you make in craps rides on this. The rest depends on luck, hot rollers, and feelings, making probability your only reliable strategy.

To find the probability of throwing any dice roll, divide the number of ways to throw that total by the total number of combinations. With two dice, your total of available combinations equals 36.

For instance, let’s look at the most probable roll, lucky (or not so lucky) number 7. You can throw 1+6, 2+5, 3+4, 4+3, 5+2, and 6+1, making 6 possible ways to roll a 7. So divide 6 by 36 and multiply it by 100 to give you a 16.67% chance of rolling a 7.

Why else would the casino make 7 out during the people place the most money on the table? Now let’s use probability to develop the best craps betting strategy.

Developing a Winning Craps Strategy

In order to develop a winning craps strategy, you must understand the advantageous bets. Read on to learn about the best bets on a craps table.

Bet the Pass Line

This basic craps strategy only holds a 1.41% house edge. It is a typical starting bet because of the odds. Remember our probability lesson?

You bet on the Pass line in hopes that the shooter will throw a 7 or 11 on the come out. It doesn’t sound like great odds with only those two numbers for a 1:1 win, but you do not necessarily lose if those numbers do not come up. Plus, we learned above that 7 is the most likely roll.

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You only crap out if the shooter rolls a 2, 3 or 12. Every other number sets a point and keeps you in the game until the shooter hits the point and you win or the shooter rolls a 7 and craps out.

Or Don’t Pass

For the Don’t Pass bet, you a 3, 12, or snake eyes to win, you push on a 7 or 11, and you lose with boxcars. Betting on the Don’t Pass line puts you on the wrong side, as it pits you against the shooter and most likely the majority of the table.

However, since it sits you with the house, you carry slightly better odds. Plus, if you play online, you skip the awkward glares from the shooter and other players at the table.

You could use one of the crazier craps strategies of evenly betting the pass line with the don’t pass line. This means you cannot win, so why would you want to do this?

With this opposing bet, your odds of pushing far outweigh your odds of losing. Meaning, you carry better odds of losing less waiting to set a point and then make your money elsewhere on the table.

Play the 6 and 8

Each the six and the eight carry a 13.89% chance of coming up on the role. These two come second to the seven in probability.

Playing six and eight sounds easy enough, but 6 and 8 show up in several spots on the table. You get the option to play the 6 and 8 hard ways, the huge 6 and 8 on the corners, and the 6 and 8 in the row of numbers near the dealer.

Your odds for rolling a hard six or hard eight are 10-1, but if it hits, you get only a 9-1 payout. Let’s look at the smarter ways to play these numbers.

The big 6 and 8 looks tempting because they’re red and gigantic. They offer an even payout with good probability but put your money elsewhere.

You want to place your chips on the 6 and 8 up by the dealer. Though the probability does not differ from the big section, your payout increases to 7-6, rather than an even payout.

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Come or Don’t Come

These two bets mimic the Pass and Don’t Pass bets. The difference lies in the fact that you can only place the Pass and Don’t Pass bets before the point is set and you can only place the Come or Don’t Come bet after the shooter sets the point. The Come and Don’t Come bets offer more chances to win than to lose after the point is set, making them favorable bets.

Craps Strategies to Avoid Sucker Bets

Avoiding the sucker bets might trump strategizing to place on all of the good spots. Keep reading to learn which bets to avoid.

One Roll Bets

The One roll bets, or proposition bets as they’re often called, come with a little excitement and a ton of risk. They offer a large payout if you hit, making them tempting, but the odds are not in your favor.

These bets include:

  • any craps
  • craps eleven
  • any eleven
  • any 2 or 12
  • any 3
  • any 7

If you simply cannot resist the temptation of a proposition bet, opt for the 2 or 12 Field bet. The Field offers you the lowest house edge of any proposition bet and hitting on the 2 or the 12 pays 2-1.

The Hardways

Rolling something the hard way means rolling matching dice. For instance, a hard 4 means rolling two 2s. Though not a proposition bet, you lose if the shooter craps out or if the shooter rolls that number any other way, like 3 and 1.

The house edge for the 4, 6, 8, and 10 hard ways runs roughly around 10%. Skip this temptation.

Develop Your Winning Strategy for Online Craps

Equipped with this information, you develop a craps strategy of your own to rack up your winnings. Go into the game with a big bankroll, so you can hit all the hot spots and not dry up from a few off rolls.

Remember, don’t fall for the sucker bets and keep probability on your side. Play online craps for free!