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Not Just for Grandma: Your Ultimate Guide to Playing Bingo on the Best Bingo Sites

When you were little, were you ever fascinated by the crazed animal Grandma became on Tuesday nights?

Did you ever sit in horror, wondering what happened to sweet Nana as she savagely threw her fists down on the table and jumped up to scream “BINGO!” from the top of her lungs?

Or, did you just not get the obsession Granny and her lady pals had over the game?

They weren’t alone. They still aren’t, even today. But, Bingo has changed a lot over the years.

Two decades ago, Bingo was still played on printed paper cards with stamps or chips as markers and numbered golf balls. Today, the stakes are much higher.

Bingo traded in church halls for casino sites. The prizes went from a nice gift certificate to as much as $1 million

Where can you play Bingo for million-dollar prizes? We’ll fill you in on the best Bingo sites below!

Are Bingo Sites Legal?

The first question you probably have is “Are Bingo sites legal?”

That depends on many factors. To avoid a long, drawn-out dissertation on “what is gambling?” we’ll simplify it. When you play online Bingo for money, you’re gambling.

Gambling isn’t legal everywhere in the United States. It’s governed at three levels: local, state, and federal. So, there’s no one clear answer.

For example, Nevada is home to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the most well-known place to gamble in the country. Nevada allows online poker, but it prohibits online Bingo.  

Weird, isn’t it?

The three federal laws that regulate online gambling are:

  • The Interstate Wire Act
  • The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act
  • The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act

Here’s the kicker: The Interstate Wire Act passed in 1961. There wasn’t even the Internet then. So, many gambling aficionados consider online casinos safe from any prosecution.

However — and this is a big however — you should always follow your local and state laws. That said, only 10 states have laws on the books against online gambling. And, Michigan is on their way to reducing that number to nine

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To play it safe, avoid any site based out of:

  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • New York
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin
  • Washington

Again, some of these states allow online poker. None of them allow online Bingo.

If you’re even more confused, your best bet (no pun intended) is for you to check out your state law. 

What You Need to Know 

Now that the legalities are out of the way…let’s get to the good stuff! Before you jump right onto any of these Bingo sites, make sure you have a strategy.

Yes, Bingo is a game of chance. But, there are a few secrets that can help you cash out more winnings.

One secret to playing Bingo online is to choose times when others aren’t playing. This will increase your chances of winning.

Another tip is to buy more cards. Just like you increase your chances in real life when you have 10 cards in front of you as opposed to one, the same theory applies online.

Once you get a strategy together, it’s time to log on, sign up, and hopefully, win big. These Bingo sites give you the best chances.

Keep in mind, you’ll know you’re on an American-friendly Bingo site if it offers 75-ball. This is your standard Bingo game.

B-I-N-G-O spells out across the top of the card. Each letter has five numbers listed underneath. The numbers run from 1-75 with the center space designated “free play.”

This is important as some UK or European sites play different variations. Some of the Bingo sites run overseas, but don’t let that deter you from having fun. 

Best Bingo Sites

At this point, the only thing you need to become an online Bingo guru is to know where to play. We’ve selected the following three sites based on certain criteria.

The first is that they’re welcoming to American players. Another consideration is the variety and ease of playing. Finally, we looked at their bonuses. 

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1. CyberBingo

CyberBingo boasts being one of the oldest and best online Bingo sites. They’re not wrong. 

CyberBingo went live in 1996 — during the very early stages of the Internet. Since, they’ve grown to be one of the most popular Bingo sites in the world.

For Americans, they offer 75-ball, customized cards, and awesome promotions. The best part? They don’t have any wage requirements and they offer no-deposit bonuses.

2. BingoFest

One of the things that makes BingoFest great — aside from its variety — is its daily bonuses. Currently, they’re offering a 300% reload bonus on every deposit.

They also have great cash prizes and more than 300 Bingo games scheduled daily. Cards run between $.05-$5. BingoFest’s progressive jackpot is a favorite among players.

3. BingoBilly

BingoBilly is a favorite among U.S. players because it still allows Americans to join in cash games. BingoBilly has won the “Best Bingo Site” award a total of five times.

They have three rooms to play in and cards are $.25 each. They also have a current promo of a no-deposit bonus of $30 for joining.

Important Reminder

Gambling — whether it’s poker or Bingo — is fun but you should take it seriously. It’s easy for gambling to become addictive

That’s why it’s important to set a limit. When you reach it, it’s time to walk away. 

If you struggle to do this on a regular basis, you may have a gambling addiction. You need to know that there are resources out there to help you

Are You Ready to Play?

Playing Bingo online is fun and it can be lucrative, too! It’s all about knowing which Bingo sites are the best ones and setting a monetary limit.

Now that you know the ins and outs of how to play Bingo online, you’ll be cashing out those big winnings in no time!

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