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Keno Strategy: How to Pick Winning Keno Numbers

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

We’ve all heard that famous phrase. It means somebody won big in a casino.

But wouldn’t it be nice to say that to yourself every time you won a game of Keno?

It might seem like it’s impossible to gain an edge when it comes to Keno. But it’s not!

If you follow certain guidelines, your chances of winning by selecting the right Keno numbers are improved.

And who doesn’t love the idea of improving your odds of winning money?

If you’re interested in finding out the secrets to improving your chances of winning money with Keno, keep reading. And that chicken dinner might be yours after all!

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you start putting up (and raking in) the big bucks, why not hone your skills with some practice games first?

Look online for sites that offer free Keno games. You won’t win any money with these free games, but you’ll learn a lot about whether your strategies are working.

And the best part about using this no-money strategy is that as you research and learn more tips and tricks, you can apply them to your play without risking anything.

Once you start to notice that you are picking the winning Keno numbers more frequently, it’s time to start to play for real!

You Better Shop Around

There are a ton of online casinos that offer Keno. And they all want your business!

The result? They are constantly offering bonuses to get you to play at their site.

So take advantage of that by shopping around to find the site with the best bonus before signing up. Just remember that you won’t receive the bonus until you sign up and deposit money at that casino.

Keno Numbers

The beauty of Keno is that the numbers picked are random. So, in that sense, it really doesn’t matter which numbers you pick. 

People often get stressed out about which numbers to go with. But playing Keno should be fun. Try to embrace the randomness of the draw by picking whatever numbers feel right to you. And remember there really aren’t any ‘wrong’ picks.

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And at the same time, if you tend to play your lucky numbers, stick with them!

There are so many stories out there of people who played their lucky digits for game after game and then went with different ones. And then, of course, their numbers hit.

Statistically, your numbers aren’t any more likely to win than random ones, but since this is also about enjoying the process. Think how great it’ll feel to win with your lucky numbers! 

Multi-Race Cards

Think you’ll be playing for more than one game? (And why wouldn’t you!)

Then make life easier by utilizing multi-race cards. They allow for you to pick a set of numbers once, and then stick with them for multiple games. 

It’s great for people who don’t want to pick new numbers round after round. And also for anyone who is planning to use their lucky numbers every round.

Might as well save yourself the hassle of having to pick the same numbers over and over!

Lucky Numbers and Statistics

Any mathematician will tell you that there are no such things as “hot” and “cold” numbers. Every new game of Keno brings the exact same odds as the last of drawing each individual number.

And yet, people who have done deep dives into Keno number analysis have found that there are sometimes statistical oddities. 

For example, one study in Germany showed that there were certain numbers (40, 37, 63, 21, 35) that were picked five times more than other numbers (9 and 50) over the course of 60 days. 

Another study showed that in England, the number 44 has been drawn most of any number since the inception of the British National Lottery. 

Does this mean that tomorrow’s Keno winning numbers in British National Lottery will include 44? Nope! But, it might!

There’s really no way to know. But there’s no harm in rolling with the trends and trying to pick numbers based on statistics.

Make Some Patterns

Some people find it fun (and lucky) to create physical patterns with their number choices. So instead of picking lucky numbers or numbers at random, they’ll make their pick board look like a specific shape or character.

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People have gone with boards that look like diamonds, or a bull’s eye. Or sometimes a clean pattern is more fun, like picking groups of numbers gathered around the corners. Or multiple rows or columns. 

Get creative and make a fun pattern with your choices. Who knows – maybe that diamond shape will be worth it’s weight in winning numbers!

Risk and Reward

Keno is a game of chance, and it’s a gamble. Obviously, you know that, but it’s important to remind yourself of that when you are getting ready to put money up.

Always keep in mind that the house has an edge in keno of 25-40%, depending on the specific casino.

So the odds are never technically in your favor. Keep that in mind when deciding how much to risk.

And a good strategy to minimize risk is to bet smaller amounts at a time. That way you can also play longer. 

You should never gamble more than you are willing to lose. That way, if you lose you’re still fine. And if you win, even better!

Watch Your Speed

If you play at a casino, keno numbers are drawn slowly, and there is a wait between games. So it’s easier to pace yourself.

But online, games tend to move faster. While this can be fun, it also means there’s potential to play a lot more games in a shorter amount of time. And if you aren’t careful, you might go through more money than you are able to risk.

So, make sure you slow down if you are playing online. Take breaks, and keep an eye on how much you are playing.

Have Fun!

Keno is, above all, about having fun. So take all this advice and enjoy yourself.

If you utilize all these strategies, you’ll up your chances of picking the right Keno numbers and winning money!

And if you wanna chat Keno, or strategies to other games, stop by our site today!