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You Can Become a Pro Gambler With These Gambling Secrets

Did you know that, on any given day, most gamblers walk away winners 30% of the time?

If you play your cards right–pun intended!–you could boost that percentage even more.

In fact, it is possible to become a pro gambler: someone whose primary income comes from intelligent, fruitful gambling.

Practice can certainly help in this respect. But these gambling secrets can help you achieve pro status in less time!

Keep reading to learn more.

1. Play More for Small Stakes

It can be particularly exhilarating to gamble for high stakes. Even professional gamblers are tempted by high-stakes gambling opportunities.

This is because these always present that glimmer of hope that keeps people gambling: the chance that you could hit it big, and make up for all of those prior losses.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t play for high stakes. However, the more you play for small stakes, the more money may stay in your pocket.

This is because a lot of casino games, including roulette, simply do not change their odds based on the amount wagered. Basically, this means that wagering more doesn’t increase your odds of winning.

Casinos will also take a certain percentage of your wagers. If you wager high stakes, this means that they will retain a higher percentage.

Don’t increase your wagers above the minimum requirement, if you can. Play more for small stakes in order to avoid steep losses.

2. Play at the Right Time

Most people will tell professional gambler wannabes to stay in control of their emotions while playing.

This is valid advice and offered for a good reason.

If you gamble when feeling reckless, emotional, or tired, you are more likely to sustain losses. This is especially so when playing skills-based games.

Effective gambling requires you to be on your best game, and at all times. This means taking breaks as often as you can between sets.

Make sure you stay hydrated as you play. It may be tempting to pound those shots but ensure you have everything you need to feel grounded and relaxed.

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If you start to feel fatigued or distracted, it may be time to leave the casino lights behind you.

3. Consider Gambling With Bonus Cash

Numerous casinos offer what is called “bonus cash.” This is basically free money that enables players to enter a game.

You are not able to withdraw this bonus cash and pocket it yourself. If you win a game, you simply take home the winnings that are leftover once the bonus cash is removed.

What is more, you must complete a “playthrough requirement” for accepting bonus cash. This means that you have to complete a certain number of wagers before you can pocket any winnings.

If you’re keen to take home more money at the end of the day, try to gamble more with bonus cash. Doing so can build your patience and stamina.

It can also keep you from dipping into your own personal cash reserves. Some professional gamblers started out by gambling only with bonus cash!

4. Take Your Losses, Too

A lot of gamblers starting out in the field bemoan every loss they experience. Yes, it can be disappointing to see all of those green bills vanish in front of your eyes!

However, no gambler ever achieved professional status without experiencing some serious losses.

It’s important to recognize the value of taking your losses. Most importantly, do your best not to envision winning as a “making up” for losses.

This can feed the cycle of gambling that every gambler knows well, compelling even more losses. Some of these can be the result of reckless or haphazard gambling.

Pro gamblers take their losses, but they work towards winnings through skill, practice, and mindful gambling. They also often request checks (rather than cash) when taking home big winnings.

5. Play for the Payback

Be deliberate about the games you choose to play. If possible, play only games that have high payback percentages.

Slot machines often have high payback percentages, often 90-95%. However, playing a skills-based game may have a lower percentage, sometimes as low as 50 or 60%.

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Prioritize the games designed to give you the most money back. This may mean taking the time to build your skill set until games like roulette can have a higher payback for you.

Payback percentages may also be lower if you join a table with local players, particularly in poker. Locals have often experienced gamblers who frequently convene to test their skills.

However, these tables can be great for observation purposes!

6. Practice, Practice, Practice

There are plenty of gambling games out there that do not require any “skill,” per se. However, games like blackjack do require some serious savvy.

While this can make such rounds riskier, they can also have higher payback percentages.

For this reason, do your best to hone your ability at playing these skills-based gambling games. You can do this by practicing wager-free with friends, for example.

You can also audit some games, particularly those played by the pros. Plenty of casinos enable people to watch certain games, particularly ones like roulette or craps.

If you do observe the pros in action, be sure to follow appropriate casino etiquette.

Basically, this means being as respectful and mute an observer as possible. Do not converse with the players or dealer during the game, and observe the game standing (as opposed to sitting).

Also, make sure that you never impede any of the active players. This can be aggravating to all involved, especially in a fast-paced or high-stakes game.

Become a Pro Gambler

Becoming a pro gambler takes time, practice, and stamina. It also may require a lot of research.

Learning about effective gambling strategies is one thing. But figuring out where to actually gamble can be another.

That’s why we recommend shopping casinos to see which ones offer the best environments and opportunities for wins. The best casinos will also give you a chance to watch the pros in action.

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