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How to Improve Your Chances of Winning with Online Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards are, as the name implies, online versions of the traditional lottery scratchcard.

These digital cards are “scratched” by clicking on specific areas to uncover information. As per the classic cards, these values are added up in different ways to determine your prize value.

But you already knew all that. You’re here to learn how to get the best out of them. Not to worry – in today’s article, we’ll be sharing our tips and secrets for improving your chances and winning more from your online scratch cards.

Take Advantage Of Promotions

We begin our “how to win on scratch cards” online strategy with a little primer.

Buying in-person scratchers gives you fewer extras than going online. It’s true. A physical scratch ticket gives you between three and five opportunities to win. Online casinos create cards with unique bonuses that can take many different forms that players can take advantage of.

No deposit bonuses are common. These give players free rewards for the simple process of gambling within their registered profiles. New players on other sites might get an initial double deposit, giving them more to play with, for a lower cost. Others still offer points for playing, which players can redeem for cash or rewards later on.

The point is: don’t just jump on any old online scratch card and hope to take the game by storm. With a little research into promotions, you can start reaping the rewards of what you’re doing before you’ve ever even started playing.

Other Kinds Of Promotions

Free (and discounted) scratch tickets are another style of online scratch card promotion that buyers stand to benefit from. There are many online casinos and websites that will give out scratch cards without any extra charge, for being a regular player.

You can actively pursue these as well. Many people don’t realize they can speak with the live chat support of their favorite scratch card sites and ask for special promotions. Often these same customer service providers can offer you for scratch cards in numbers big enough to surprise you.

Finally, we have the question of matched deposit bonuses. If you’ve committed to playing scratch cards online, always make sure you’re using the match any available deposit bonuses.

With one of these in play, you’ll be able to buy more than double the number of credits for free, depending on your casino’s offering. These can change the way you play these games, entirely, so keep them in mind when you register.

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The next great big cheat in the scratch card game is in targeting progressive jackpot online scratch cards. Progressive jackpots card scratchers have reward amounts made up from small parts taken from other wins. These tiny amounts are chipped off from other bets until someone in the game pool wins the jackpot.

This is a popular variation of the online scratch ticket game and can net players huge wins. But there is a downside: there’s actually a reduced chance of winning the jackpot when compared to a standard scratch ticket game. In order to improve your chances, then, you’ll want to follow this basic game plan:

Select games where the prizes are set, ahead of time. The payout on these tends to be significantly higher, and you are objectively more likely to win something at some point.

A Winning Strategy

Of course, every strategy in the world is useless if you don’t know what goals you should be shooting for. While you may get through many online scratchcard games in very little time, you don’t want to throw your money away, with no idea where it’s going.

First, it’s crucial that you play at a regulated online casino or scratch card vendor. The best online scratch card games have some sort of official accreditation you’ll be able to Google, depending on the state. What’s important about this is that they’re subject to rules against cheating and game fixing, and will be inspected (in an ideal situation).

It’s important that you keep in mind, once you’ve bought your ticket, you’ve already locked yourself into your result. There are strategies which compare the return to player to the cost of each individual scratch card you’re playing. These can be a little complicated for the return you’re likely to be making.

Instead, you could start with some simple practice. Bank your money as soon as you win it, so you aren’t tempted to gamble it away on cards that you’re not interested in. Work according to a budget and only buy tickets you’re honestly convinced about.

The Numbers

Of course, every strategy in the world is useless if you don’t know what goals you should be shooting for. While it’s perfectly reasonable to get through many online scratchcard games in very little time, you don’t want to be throwing your money into a black hole, with no idea of what you’re looking for.

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You can use online odds and Return To Player (RTP) calculators to work out your chances of winning big on a scratch card. They can also warn you when a game is too high risk, helping you gamble more safely.

The following are some of the more important percentages you should be looking for:

Scratch card games with a high return to player percentage are the clear winner and with good reason. You’ll be less likely than with any other game to lose money on every cent you spend playing these games, making them the responsible choice. The higher the return to player percentage, the better your chances of winning, so always pursue these.

When games offer better odds for the player of winning, it’s important to understand this isn’t a guarantee of a winning ticket. In fact, you might not even get one in ten for a highly rated ticket. These are better propositions than other games, but always keep in mind most gambling gives players low odds. This is what makes the wins worth it when they come along.

Our last tip: when it comes to online scratch card games, more expensive ticket usually mean better odds of winning. It might not seem all that attractive to spend more, but the end result is typically a little more worth it.

Online Scratch Cards: Now You’re Ready

Online scratch cards are one of the greatest additions to the online gambling industry in the last decade. Being able to buy scratch cards online is a fun, simple way for players to kill time between games, without any pressure to play “better”.

They’re quick and easy to play, and hopefully, with our pro guide to playing them, you’ll be more than ready to win the next time you buy one.

Are you interested in using gambling and betting strategies to get ahead in other games? Check out some of our other pro blogs on the topic, today, and play like you mean it!

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