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The Beginner’s Guide to Betting Systems

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It’s a very common misconception: that players are at the mercy of random sequences and luck is a gambler’s only ally.

This might be true for Baccarat and Roulette, but when you introduce betting systems into your play, you can change your win rate drastically.

What is a Betting System?

A betting system is a method of altering the amount of each bet. It also helps you to make decisions based on the time of your bets, and when you should sit out. This is usually all based on what happened in previous rounds.

Betting systems are meant to help your chances of winning in the short term. In general, no betting system is going to work for long-term success, because the casino has a built-in advantage on every game.

Positive Betting Systems

If you are still weighing your options, a positive betting system is the best place to start. They are much safer than their negative counterparts.

A safe betting system to try is to increase your wager by 50% every time you win. Say you bet $4 and you win. You should then increase your bet by half of four, which is two. Your next bet would be $6, then $9, and so on. When you lose, drop your bet back down to $4.

Here are a few other systems you can use that all rely on the same principle.


Paroli is the most widely used positive progressive system. With Paroli, a player doubles the betting amount after every win.

This system starts with flat betting. When the player has his or her first winning hand, this triggers the double of the bet. Every time the winning streak continues, the player doubles his or her bet.

However, once this bet is lost, the player will return to the original bet and repeat that cycle over again.

Paroli comes with some disadvantages, the main one being that the system relies on winning streaks. A player can never predict when that will happen or how long it will go on.

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However, this can be overcome when the player modifies the system and limits the number of times the stake will be raised. You don’t have to wait for your losing streak to revert your bet to the first amount you initially chose.


Another positive progression betting system is Parlay. Parlay is traditionally used in Blackjack. But you can apply this to other game systems as well.

Parlay also relies on long winning streaks. It directs the amount the gambler wins to the next wager. This happens over and over again until the wager is lost and then, like in Paroli, it reverts back to the initial wager.

Negative Progressive Betting Systems

Negative betting systems are much riskier. With negative betting systems, the bets are increased after every loss, in the hopes that the first winning hand will make up for those losses and recover your budget.


One type of negative betting system is known as the Fibonacci system. When you use this method, you use the integer sequence of numbers when you place your bets. This means that every next bet is the total of the two bets before it.

The starting point with the Fibonacci system can be determined by the player, but 1, or the table minimum, is a safe bet.

Start with $1, then if you win, $2. From there, if you win again, add up your previous two bets to get $3. Then for your next bet, you’ll want to add $3 and the $2 to get $5.

Fibonacci is valuable because the player can make a profit even if there are more losing rounds. However, as a long-term approach, it just doesn’t work.


Martingale is another strategy. It’s actually preferred more than the Fibonacci system even though it has a higher risk associated with it.

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This progression needs to start with the table minimum. After your first loss, double the bet. Then reverse it to the original amount after your winning round.

This equates to quickly using a lot of your budget, so you’ll hit your limit, and the table limits, much sooner.


The Labouchere system is used by experienced players. It can also be known as the Split Martingale. This is a complex system, not to be used by beginners.

Start by selecting a number sequence, like 1-2-3. Then, place your bet with the number that would correspond to the total of the first and last number of your sequence. In this instance, it’s 4.

The numbers should be added to the total and crossed out if the round is won.

If the round is lost, add the total to the sequence. 1-2-3-4

When you only have one number left in the sequence, your next bet will relate to that number and the system is rest to the initial sequence you chose.

This method is easy on your budget, but it has a very high risk factor and can be very confusing to beginners.

More About Betting Systems

No matter what betting systems you choose, you need to know what your budget is. Don’t go beyond your self-imposed limits no matter how much you’re tempted to. You can’t have a smart strategy without this. Remember that no betting system can help ensure that you win in the long run.

All of the betting systems we outlined for you above are modifiable. Do whatever you have to do to approach it with your style and make the system work for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about gambling strategies online, come check us out for tips and tricks for improving your odds!