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The Best BlackJack Strategy You Can Use Online in 2018

Considering playing a game of blackjack? You don’t have to visit the local casino anymore because you can play – and win – in the comfort of your own home.

The popularity of online casinos has spread, offering gamblers a chance to spend money on their favorite casino games at the comforts of their homes. They give a chance for beginners to easily involve themselves in the world of gambling as well.

One of the most popular games you can play online is blackjack, and it isn’t any different from the one you can play at brick-and-mortar casinos. Still, there’s a lot to learn about its online counterpart.

If you’re a beginner, you may be looking at the best blackjack strategy that will earn you cash left and right. But let us say this ahead: there’s no such thing.

It takes both skill and knowledge to earn money at blackjack. Look into the following strategies and see which one will work for you.

Prepare Your Blackjack Strategy Ahead of the Game

Playing blackjack online isn’t as simple as typing “online blackjack” at Google. It involves choosing the right casino to play in and choosing the right variant. Picking the right casino is a part of your strategy – only choose well-known and licensed ones that are safe, the ones you can be sure that will pay out your winnings.

Next, choose a blackjack variant by looking at the house edge. The lower the house edge, the better. Avoid those that have a house edge of over 1%, unless your goal is only to have fun and not to win.

Lastly, it helps to know your chosen variant inside out. Know the rules, the terms, and every little detail. Every variant differs in some way, so you won’t be able to form a strategy that will work on every one of them.

Find a Blackjack Strategy Chart

The good thing about the internet is that many strategy charts abound, which are helpful for beginners. These should help you decide how to play every hand, depending on the dealer’s open card and your cards. Once you’ve chosen a table specific to your chosen blackjack variant, you may refer to it when you play online.

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For example, your blackjack strategy chart tells you to “H” or Hit when the dealer’s face-up card is 2 and you have a total of 9. Follow its instructions to get a good grasp of how to win at blackjack.

Note, however, that it’s not a ticket to winning every game. It’s simply a crutch that will help you begin your blackjack journey; you still have to rely on your legs to win.

With that said, it wouldn’t hurt to memorize a chart and use it time and again.

Be Conservative if You’re a Beginner

An online blackjack strategy that we can recommend beginners is to take it slow.

Afraid of high stakes? Don’t worry! That fear is undoubtedly justified.

Don’t bet a fortune on your first few games. That will only discourage you from playing more blackjack games when you lose each of those game – and the chances of you losing are high.

Rather, start with a low amount and every time you win, raise your bet. That is only if you win.

The basis of this strategy is that wins and losses come consecutively. When you win, it will likely come with another win. The vice versa is also true, unfortunately.

In the end, you won’t lose much, but you’ll win bigger when your win streak comes.

Or Take a More Aggressive Approach

Do you think you’re ready to be more aggressive to win big? We have the right online blackjack strategy for you – the Martingale blackjack strategy.

First things first, though, you must have a huge amount of dispensable money – about $500 to start. Otherwise, this strategy won’t work and it might also kinda ruin your life.

Here’s how it works: you start with a conservative amount of bet, then you double your bet every time you lose. That’s right – your bet gets bigger after every loss.

This has more or less the same basis as the blackjack strategy above. You’ll likely lose a huge amount of money in a losing streak, but it all it often takes is one win to turn that around. You’ll likely recuperate all your losses in that win.

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However, this strategy doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win before you spend all your initial bankroll. The best approach to this strategy is to stop the moment you lose all your money and stop the moment you win extra cash

Does Card Counting Work?

Card counting is a strategy that’s often frowned upon by casinos. In fact, most casinos have banned this method. It’s not exactly cheating and illegal, but one thing is for sure – it’s an effective way to gain an advantage if you’re good at it.

It works by taking count of the high and low cards in the shoe, giving a card counter a hint on what might come next. When a remaining shoe has a high number of tens to aces, the dealer will deal more blackjacks and the dealer will go over 21 more often. When there’s a higher number of smaller numbers, there will be fewer blackjacks and fewer chances of the dealer going bust.

One of the most popular counting systems is the Hi-Lo system, which involves a running count and a value for each card. Cards 2 to 6 have a value of +1, 7 to 9 have 0, while 10 to Ace have a -1 value.

Each time the dealer deals a card, you either add the value to your running count, which starts at 0. The higher the count, the higher the concentration of high cards in the shoe.

However, you’ll only get to use this strategy on live blackjack games.

Keep Losing and Winning

If you want to get better at blackjack, all you need to do is play more games. You must prepare for both losses and wins as not each round will tip in your favor. You can increase your chances, though, by reading more tips on the best blackjack strategy.

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